Red Kiwi Media

Red Kiwi Media is a marketing firm based in Los Angeles. In its startup phase, they needed a general look for their company, along with a website (based on Wordpress) and business cards.

Digitaide Inc.

Digitaide is a startup accounting services firm. They needed a website (built on Wordpress) with a fresh, new corporate/modern look to attract clients to their services.

Royal Chandeliers

Royal Chandeliers commenced its operations in Los Angeles in 2009. They needed a logo, a website and business cards to get started.

Worked at, managing multiple e-commerce websites (built on X-Cart). Redesigning the main page keeping everything across the website consistent for proper branding.

A Pyramid Scheme

A Pyramid Scheme is a project that is in the works. They were looking for a website that’s out of the ordinary.

Time-Tec Inc.

Time-Tec has been an established business in Los Angeles for decades. I gave them a fresh, new logo and a usable website.


Alpha Epsilon Omega

Alpha Epsilon Omega was looking for a fresh new look for their website (built on Wordpress) along with a new logo.


Miracleworks, a jewelry company based in Los Angeles, needed a new logo, website and business cards.

Alpha Epsilon Omega – Gamma

Helped the Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Omega with their website, built on Wordpress.

Polmeri Jewelry

One of the finest jewelry manufacturing companies in Los Angeles needed a logo, website and business cards for their marketing efforts.

Kiaman Homes

Kiaman Homes, a startup company, was looking for a logo, website (built on Wordpress) and business cards.